BEE and Business Strategist and Implementation Specialist

BEE compliance is similar as having a Business License. With the Amended Codes 3 elements become Priority Elements and the challenge to be compliant and meet market requirements as well, the challenge is more daunting than ever. In every challenge lies an opportunity, and the opportunity for Business owners in BEE is Business growth.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance is a process and should be viewed as long-term as opposed to a short-term once off event. We at BEEWin4All do our utmost to understand our client’s business challenges and design strategies to achieve a compliant and desired BEE Status.

BEE is a complex business task which consumes a considerable amount of time and resources. It needs a strategy planned with business common sense, which if then properly implemented and monitored will ensure continuous growth and profitability.

BEE is in essence about growing people, and we believe by growing the people, the business will also grow.

BEEWin4All Pty Ltd being a Level 2 Empowering Supplier with 30% BO will add a 1.4 Preferential Procurement value to your Procurement.


What we offer:

We provide a simple honest solution to improve your BBBEEE scorecard

We are a ONE STOP SHOP, we do everything that is needed for a Business in terms of BEE Compliance: strategy, planning, implementation, recording, reporting, deliver a final end product to the verification agent.

  • Affordable - linked to what you are supposed to invest. Our BEE Level 2 rating gives additional points on your scorecard
  • Manageable payment system spread over 12 months
  • Benefits of an improved business performance management system, guaranteed compliance with Workplace Skills Plan as well as Employment Equity Plan

How do we do it?

  • Assessment of as overall Business Development Needs as well as BBBEE status
  • Co-create a strategy that will improve your Business Performance as well as your B-BEE rating
  • Co- Create Skills Development Strategy to meet the needs of a your growing business
  • Co-Create a Supplier and Enterprise Development Strategy
  • We believe in a Win4All relationship and therefore we partner with you to do the B-BBEE work as agreed
  • We work with a selected group of accredited BEE verification agencies which we involve all the way.


We provide a TRIPLE solution to triple BBBEE challenges

  •  Increased BBBEE Scorecard ratings
  • Increased Business Profitability
  • Increased People growth: Grow your people to grow your business


We partner with our clients to grow their businesses by increasing their scorecard ratings as well as business performance.