Our Strategic Approach & Retainer Service

BEEWin4All services’ offers a high quality streamlined step-by-step approach to becoming BEE Compliant and increasing your BEE status. These steps to becoming BEE compliant form the foundation for future development and improvement on your BEE scorecard while ensuring optimal success is reached from the start.

1. Educating

Training and knowledge transfer Knowledge of B-BBEE will equip relevant stakeholders with the know-how required to properly implement BEE. Training will ensure team members become actively involved and identify existing BEE activities.

2. Strategy Development

We will co-create a BEE strategy which will result in a the highest rating possible. We will research your business processes and information available to determine your business needs. Identified needs will be merged with Bee interventions to maximize your investment in business improvement interventions which will improve Business Performance as well as improve your scorecard rating.

3. Organizational Alignment and Verification Preparation

We will establish various BBBEE policies and present applicable documentation required by the B-BBEE Codes.  This step introduces a comprehensive document pack which contains various documents.  All documentation will be managed and uploaded by the client to a unique Dropbox folder which will be accessible to the client.  This documentation will also be managed on various online systems (BEE Navigator, etc.) We emphasize that this is a joint venture where both of us work together to get the maximum information.

4. Vendor Compliance Management - Supplier and Enterprise Development (Priority)

The concept of Empowering Supplier necessitates a totally new approach to Vendor Management as explained. BEEWin4All will actively manage the B-BBEE Compliance status of the number of vendors (suppliers) to ensure maximum benefit from Supplier and Enterprise Development elements through our partnership with B1SA if the Suppliers are more than 50. This will be a separate investment which will be costed per vendor.

Supplier and Enterprise Development

This is an integral part of Enterprise and Supplier development. We will ensure that the Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions will be rightly allocated with the maximum benefit to our client. We will conduct Supplier Development Workshops in order to empower your suppliers. This forms part of your Retainer fee, but you as the business could then claim Supplier and Enterprise Development Contribution towards the Black Business Owners.

5. Status Reporting and Verification

We will draft and submit monthly progress reports and will attend all relevant B-BBEE management / progress meetings. BEEWin4All consultants will identify suitable verification agencies and/or work with your preferred Verification Agency and will be the responsible for liaising with the verification agency and the client during the process

Our retainer service includes:

  • BEE Strategy to meet the requirements of the New Codes of Good Practice
  • Monitoring of Strategic Interventions as well as monthly reporting on progress
  • Meetings, consulting time, email and telephone sessions as described above.
  • All software systems except B1SA where a separate assessment will be done for clients with more than 50 suppliers.
  • We will make use of electronic media as much as possible such as Skype,
  • Go to Meeting and Webinars as we value your and our time.

          Excluded: Travel @R4.00 per kilometer.

The Benefit

  • You can ask the question: If you could improve your rating as well as achieve an overall improvement in performance, what would it be worth to you? Our records indicate that business increase income exponentially with the increase in rating
  • We promise to take the Sting out of the BEE
  • Money invested in BEE processes will add points on your scorecard
  • While we do the B-BEE work, you can focus on your core business and improve your ROI
  • Manageable payment system spread over 12 months


(According to amended Codes effective 1 October 2014)

Annual Turnover

Monthly Retainer

Per Annum

Between R10 and R30 million

R 3, 500.00

R 40, 000.00

Between  R30 and R50 million

R 5, 500.00

R 65, 000.00

Between R50 and R100 million

R 7, 500.00

R 90, 000.00

Between R100 + R200million


R110, 000.00

Above R200 million


R135, 000.00

Above R500 m


R160, 000.00